Guideline for Program Change Request

1. Purpose

These guidelines provide a framework for the requests to change enrolment between programs by students, ensuring they are structured, appropriate and transparent.

2. Definition

Request for program change includes:

  • Changing of Major (including major/area of concentration/minor). It means that primary College and degree type stay the same.
  • Change of Degree (degree program changes but the primary College/faculty remains the same)
  • Change of College/Faculty (primary College/faculty changes)

3. Area of application

These guidelines apply to all full-time students, who are currently enrolled and registered as undergraduate students, and wish to request a change in their academic program during their time of studying at VinUniversity.

4. Content

4.1 Eligibility criteria for application

A student can apply for changing the current enrolment if s/he:

  • Meets the admission requirements and is eligible for entry into the proposed program/major.
  • Is not currently a first-year or final-year student (applies for Change of Degree/College)[1].
  • Is not subject to consideration of suspension of study.

A student is only eligible for one program change per academic year. Change requests will be processed once per semester, making the change take effect from the beginning of the next semester.

College may set the specific criteria for each program apart from the university generic requirements (academic standing, EXCEL attributes, etc).

If a student received transfer credits from another institution upon their initial enrolment to VinUniversity, the transfer of credit may be re-assessed for the requested change.

[1] In accordance with MOET’s guideline

4.2 Timelines

Submit the request between Normally processed by Effective semester
1 July – 15 August At least one week before the first day of the course registration period for the next semester. Fall semester
1 November – January 15 Spring semester


  • Colleges/Faculty may require student’s final grades before approving a program change request. If the request is approved after grades are released, the program change will be made effective for the first available academic semester.

4.3 Procedures for the implementation of program change request

Step Responsibility Workflow Time Details
1 Student / Academic Advisor Make a request for program change (FRM06) Start 1 July or 1 November annually
  • The student needs to ensure that s/he understands the degree requirement and the qualifications to be accepted into the program to which they want to change (is the change possible? Is the change worthwhile) as degree requirements can vary from one program to another?
  • The student is required to seek academic advice from the faculty advisor and is strongly encouraged to meet with the relevant program director to discuss the plans with him/her.
  • In case, the student has come up with the final decision, the student needs to fill in the form FRM06 ( and send it back to the Registrar office (soft copy or hard copy with signatures).
  • A program change may affect their fees – students need to check any fee differences in advance (if any).
2 Registrar Preliminary Check (eligibility criteria)

  • If Yes: Continue
  • If No: Inform Student
2 working days since receiving the student’s request.
  • Registrar only looks at one program change request at a time. If the student submits a second request while still looking at the first, Registrar will only look at the most recent request, and other requests will be deemed null and void.
3 Dean or delegate Review student’s application/ request 5 working days since receiving the application from Registrar
  • Registrar submits the application to College for review. The application includes, but is not limited to:
    • Application form and letter of interest
    • Academic transcript
    • Entry admission results
    • Student self-evaluation results (if any)
Dean or delegate


Conduct an interview with

the student (optional)

5 working days since receiving the application from Registrar
  • The purpose is to re-validate if the student meets the admission requirements for the intended program and understands his/her motivation; and is aware of all requirements (i.e extra courses need to be taken).
  • Interview may not be required if a program change is a major/minor change within the College.
  • The meeting notes are added to student’s Records.

(*) Most of all, students need to be clearly informed that they may have to take extra courses for the remaining semesters or may have to take extra semesters to complete all the degree requirements.

5 College Dean


Approve 2 working days since the completion of application review/interview
  • Dean decides the formal acceptance and students’ status of scholarship/financial support.
  • Registrar informs students of the decision and any required follow-up action (for example study plan, the status of scholarship/financial support).
  • Any change of scholarship/financial support (compared to the approved entry admissions) will need to get approval from the President/Provost (per Delegation of Authority)
6 Registrar Endorse the formal decision 2 working days since receiving the final approval
  • Provost to endorse the decision (based on Dean’s proposal).
7 Registrar Inform students and related departments for the change 2 working days since releasing the formal decision
  • Change the student status on Student Information System.
  • Inform the change to related departments (SAM, Finance, Library, IT (account), College).

Status and Details

These guidelines provide a framework for the requests to change enrolment between programs by students, ensuring they are structured, appropriate and transparent.

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Office of Registrar

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Jul 26, 2021

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V1.0 Jul 26, 2021 Developed by: Registrar Office
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