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New Policies

VinUni reviews its policies to meet the needs of our community, address sector requirements and reflect the current regulatory environment. The following policies have recently been published as new or amended policies.

Policy title Updated Date Description
Integrated Degree Programs Procedure Jan 17, 2024 This procedure serves as the primary description for full-time undergraduate students who are interested in and meet the prerequisites for participating in the Integrated degree programs. This document details the eligibility requirements, the application process, and the timeline for consideration.
Admissions regulations for Graduate Medical Education programs Jan 12, 2024 Adjustment of document format and admission methods, applicable from the academic year 2024-2025
Internship management policy Dec 26, 2023 The taskforce will deliver information sessions, training, to communicate about the approved policy.

(*) Internal documents which require VinUni SharePoint (for staff and faculty) access

Compliance & Quality Assurance Newsletter

Compliance & Quality Assurance is a newsletter published by the Accreditation & Quality Assurance (AQA) Unit. Compliance & Quality Assurance is published quarterly and provides readers with information and updates related to legal, compliance, risk management, and academic quality assurance. We welcome ideas for articles in future issues, so please contact the AQA Unit by e-mail at if you have ideas or submissions for sharing.

See the current issue, which includes guidance, information, and updates on Accreditation, Quality Assurance & Compliance newsletter (Volume 6, December 2023)

Previous issues of Accreditation, Quality Assurance, and Compliance are archived below:




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You have several options for assistance with interpreting or understanding a policy. You can go to:

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Each policy is issued or developed by a specific office. You can find the responsible office by clicking on a policy within the Finding Policies page, where it is listed in the policy’s Policy Status tab.