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New Policies

VinUni reviews its policies to meet the needs of our community, address sector requirements and reflect the current regulatory environment. The following policies have recently been published as new or amended policies.

Policy title Updated Date Description
Student Grade Appeal Procedure Jun 12, 2024 This guideline establishes a transparent and equitable process for students to address concerns about their grades. It clarifies the procedures, timelines, and responsibilities involved in grade appeals, ensuring academic integrity and fairness while safeguarding students' rights to contest and correct their grades promptly.
Admissions Regulations for Postgraduate Programs Jun 07, 2024 First released
Human Resource Procedures (*) Jun 06, 2024
VinUni Graduation Diploma Templates May 29, 2024 The diploma templates at VinUniversity are fully compliant with Circular No. 21/2019/TT-BGDĐT and Circular No. 27/2019/TT-BGDĐT issued by the Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET). Moreover, these templates have received approval from the Quality Assurance Department of MoET, underscoring our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence and regulatory adherence. The templates were released following decision no. 262/2024/QĐ-VUNI by the Provost of VinUniversity.
Academic Regulations for Full-Time Undergraduate Programs May 21, 2024 Major updates as below: • Article 7: Independent Study Week • Article 12: Add/Drop period • Article 16: Student Classification and Academic Standing • Article 18: Dean’s List selection criteria • Article 25: Remove grade “E” • Article 29: Clarify that grade improvement courses will not be recognized as retaken courses.
Learning and Development Guidelines (*) May 14, 2024 Update on Appendix 1_Learning & Development requirements for each position
Procedure for Organizing Final Examinations (*) May 13, 2024 Update the role of instructors Revise the forms & guidelines
Procedure for Requesting a Leave of Absence, Withdrawal and Return from a Leave of Absence May 03, 2024 The purpose of the leave of absence (LOA) and withdrawal procedures for students is to provide a structured process for students who need to have a temporary leave of absence from their studies or permanently withdraw from their academic programs. These procedures aim to ensure clarity, fairness, and consistency in managing such requests, while also providing appropriate support and guidance to students throughout the process.
Regulations for Release and Management of Documents (*) Apr 26, 2024 This regulation establishes guidelines for the release and manage of documents within the organization, including outline procedures for accessing, distributing, and monitoring document content to ensure compliance and efficient document management practices.
Academic Compliance Assessment Procedure (*) Apr 23, 2024 The Academic Compliance Assessment serves to evaluate the current state of academic compliance oversight, management, and associated risks within a specified compliance area
Internal General Regulations applicable to leaders from level T3 up (*) Apr 19, 2024
Internal General Regulations applicable to leaders at T4, T5, T6 level (*) Apr 19, 2024
Internal General Regulations applicable to level T7 and T8 (*) Apr 19, 2024

(*) Internal documents which require VinUni SharePoint (for staff and faculty) access

Compliance & Quality Assurance Newsletter

Compliance & Quality Assurance is a newsletter published by the Accreditation & Quality Assurance (AQA) Unit. Compliance & Quality Assurance is published quarterly and provides readers with information and updates related to legal, compliance, risk management, and academic quality assurance. We welcome ideas for articles in future issues, so please contact the AQA Unit by e-mail at if you have ideas or submissions for sharing.

See the current issue, which includes guidance, information, and updates on the Accreditation, Quality Assurance & Compliance newsletter (Volume 7, March 2024).

Previous issues of Accreditation, Quality Assurance, and Compliance are archived below:




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