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Creating Policies

1. Policy Development

  • All policies must comply with applicable Vietnamese and international laws and regulations, be consistent with and support VinUniversity’s mission, vision, and principles, and should be consistent with international university standards.
  • The Policy development process must be inclusive, allowing input from stakeholders, and a transparent, clear, and consistent review and approval process.
  • Policy owners will provide the subject matter and details of current practices, reasons for the policy, necessary regulatory and institutional considerations, and a description of the corresponding procedures. Policy owners should liaise with policy reviewers to get input, respond to questions and concerns, and resolve them before the policy is approved.
  • Policy owners should identify the appropriate stakeholders and follow the approved process for writing and updating policies. Stakeholder input and decisions must be documented.
  • The Governance Support Unit will guide the policy development process, including any relevant legal, governmental, or other requirements and considerations, and the appropriate decision-makers at VinUniversity.

2. Structure and Content 

  • All policies must follow a standard, approved template
  • Policies will be numbered for easy reference.
  • Policies must have an English version. When there is a need for both Vietnamese and English versions, both versions must be updated and approved at the same time, and both versions must be equivalent.
  • In general, policy documents will not include detailed procedures. Procedures will be described only to the extent that is necessary for understanding the salient aspects of the policy. The link to the procedure’s documents must be provided in the “Related Documents and Forms” section.

3. Implementation and Communication

  • The Governance Support Unit (GSU) will publish the policy on the official policy website or Intranet site as appropriate. Upon publication on the website, the GSU will inform the policy owners and issue a student/staff notice for general communication.
  • The policy owner is responsible for all other communication and implementation processes such as information sessions, training, systems development, administrative processes, quality control, etc. in line with the terms of the approved policy.

Please find below the process for policy review and approval:

4. Policy Template and Form

Policy Template and Form Updated Date Description
University Policy Template (MS Word format) Nov 18, 2021 Template for creating the new policy/guideline document