Library Use

I. Purposes

To provide guidance for library patrons about the use of library resources, services, and facilities.

II. Library Regulations

1. General Regulations

1.1. Opening Hours

Library opening hours are subject to change and will be posted at the main library entrance and on the library website.

Semester  Exam / Summertime National holidays
Monday-Friday Saturday-Sunday
Main entrance 8 am – 9pm 9 am – 5 pm To be determined Closed
24/7 learning space Open 24/7
2nd floor entrance 8h30 am – 5h30 pm Closed (only open on working Saturdays from 8h30 am – 5h30 pm) 8h30 am – 5h30 pm Closed

1.2. Library access

  • Students, faculty, and staff who would like to access our library’s physical building and borrow physical materials/equipment must possess a validated VinUni card and are required to present it on request; only users who own a validated VinUni ID can access our library’s subscribed electronic materials.
  • VinUni staff/adjunct faculty/affiliated faculty who wish to access library resources, are welcome to apply via the VinUni Library ID Registration Form on the library website.
  • Eligible staff from other Vingroup’s P&Ls or VinUni’s counterparts who wish to access electronic resources from VinUni library, are welcome to apply for a VinUni ID via the VinUni Library ID Registration Form on the library website.
  • Sharing VinUni library ID or VinUni cards with others is strictly prohibited.

1.3. Courtesy and safety

Library patrons should:

  • Handle library property with care and may not mutilate, deface, or mark library materials in any ways. Do not arbitrarily move any property of the library to different locations without permission. Do not change settings on electronic devices without permission. Any actions of sabotaging the library’s network are
  • Maintain good hygiene and dispose of rubbish properly.
  • Be polite and respectful of others, and maintain an atmosphere conducive to study and research, by limiting loud talking and other disruptive behaviors. Playing audio from personal media devices is not allowed in any part of the library. Mobile phones and pagers should be switched off or set to vibrate/silent.
  • Ensure complete understanding of how to safely use the equipment/furniture in the library. VinUni Library does not take any responsibility for any damage or harm done to the users, the users’ work, materials and/or property due to faulty equipment and/or incorrect usage.
  • Contact the library administration directly by email at for official approvals of any formal photo shoots, videography, or requests of library facility usage.
  • Not smoke or vape in all areas of the library including the courtyard.
  • Not bring animals, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, or other similar items into the library.
  • Not bring food of any kinds into the library, including fruit. Drinks in the library must be non-alcoholic and in spill-proof containers. Keep drinks away from electronic sockets and equipment to prevent damage.
  • Not bring and use stimulants, weapons, or flammable/explosive substances into the library.

1.4. Lost and Found

  • Personal belongings must not be left unattended. Patrons are responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings that they leave unattended.
  • Any laptops and other items, including checked-out library materials, which are left unattended on tables, desks, or chairs may be moved to the Lost and Found run by the Student Affair Management Department.

2. Regulations on the use of library materials

2.1. Circulation regulations for library materials

No. Material types Circulated or Uncirculated Circulation locations Notes
1 General print books Circulated
  • Self-check machines (1st Floor & 2nd Floor)
  • Circulation desk (1st Floor)
  • 24/7 book return machine
2 Reference materials and print journals Uncirculated
  • Not applicable
3 Audiovisual materials (CDs/DVDs) Circulated
  • Circulation desk (1st Floor) only
4 Books in Course Reserve collection Circulated
  • Circulation desk (1st Floor) only
These books can be checked out for 02 hours only (01 item/user/time).
  • Patrons MUST return or renew all borrowed materials before its overdue time.
  • The renewal period is half of the original loan period. Renewals of library materials are only allowed if there has been no request for that material by others. Materials that are not overdue can be renewed in person at the circulation desk, or online. Overdue materials cannot be renewed.
  • Patrons need to inform library staff at the circulation desk about any damage to the materials before check-out/check-in.
  • When the due date falls on a holiday or when the library is closed, the due date is adjusted to the following day when the library is open.
  • Patrons are prohibited to misfile or hide library materials for personal use or bring physical materials out of the library without going through borrowing procedures as regulated.
  • All users must return all loans, fines and debts must be paid, one month before their departure days.
  • All mercies regarding fines and loan periods need to be approved by university senior leaders as regulated by VinUni’s document of authorization.

2.2. Circulation Privileges

User groups Number of items Loan Period Renewals
  • Undergraduate students
3 2 weeks 1 time
  • Graduate students
5 1 month 1 time
  • Affiliated faculty
  • VinUni’s full time staff / Service-contract staff
3 2 weeks 1 time
  • VinUni’s faculty
5 6 months 1 time
  • Visiting students
To be determined by library leader.
  • Guests/Interns/Alumni
0 0 0

Note: The loan period of 06 months will be applied for faculty who borrow textbooks for course use. However, their loaned items can be subject to recall if the items are requested by other users, and they need to send a request to the library about the textbooks for course use.

2.3. Making physical material request

  • Patrons can make a request via the library website to borrow a physical book or a CD/DVD, etc. that has already been circulated to others. A material request will not be placed if:
  • The item is in the course reserve collection.
  • The item is lost, missing, or non-circulating.
  • Patrons’ borrowing privileges have been blocked or suspended.
  • A patron has reached their loan limit (the maximum number of items that they can borrow).
  • Library items ready for pickup will be kept for 02 days from the tentative pick-up date. If it is not picked up by the stipulated date, the request will lapse.
  • Patrons themselves must personally collect the library materials on hold for them.

2.4. Recalls

All loans are subject to recall after one-week’s usage. If an item is recalled, a Recall Notice will be sent to patrons via email. Patrons are requested to return materials by a new shorter due date.

2.5. Electronic Resources Use

Subscribed electronic resources such as databases, e-journals and e-books are covered by licensing agreements between the VinUni and individual providers. Therefore,

  • The use of subscribed electronic resources at the library is limited to VinUni students, faculty, and staff only, unless allowed by the license agreement.
  • Patrons accessing library databases will be required to log in with their VinUni ID.
  • Patrons must use electronic resources properly; ensuring that materials retrieved from electronic resources are limited to personal and non-commercial purposes. Improper use generally includes, but is not limited to:

Excessive downloading:

  • Rapid downloading of multiple articles.
  • Continuous downloading of tables of contents, search results, or citations.
  • Downloading entire issues or volumes of an e-journal.
  • Using robots, spiders, or other automated programs to download subscription resources

Other license violations:

  • Sharing passwords with unauthorized patrons
  • Redistributing information from online resources to unauthorized patrons
  • Posting information retrieved or downloaded from an online resource to a listserv, on a website, or to an email list
  • Reselling, redistributing, or reproducing any journal text, output, search result, or other information in any form or medium
  • Redistribution of materials to non-subscribers or non-subscribing institutions.

Unauthorized use of VinUni Library databases and other electronic resources can result in access being revoked for the entire university, and therefore will be disciplined as outlined in Section 4 below, or by referral to appropriate civil authorities.

2.6. Material photocopying/ printing/scanning services

  • Photocopying/printing/scanning services are provided for patrons with research, personal study, and non-commercial purposes.
  • Patrons must avoid any breach of copyright in using photocopiers, printers, and scanners in the library including but not limited to:
    • Making more than one copy of the work by an author for any purpose without author’s permission.
    • Digitize physical materials and distribute the digital copy to other people with any purposes.
    • Modify, mutilate, or misrepresent the material in any manner which is prejudicial to the honor and reputation of the authors.
    • Create derivative material (the material, which is translated from one language into another adapted, modified, transformed, etc. from other materials) without permission of the authors/ copyright owners of original materials.
    • Intentionally rescind or invalidate technical measures taken by copyright owners to protect copyright in their materials.
    • Deliberately delete or change copyright management information in electronic format contained in the materials.
  • Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences concerning copyright that might arise from using the library’s photocopiers, printers, and scanners.

3. Policies on the use of library property

3.1. Equipment Borrowing

Loan Period Due time
 01 working day loan 15 minutes before library’s closing time
  • Equipment overdue for more than 05 days will be considered lost, and the borrower will be charged for a replacement.
  • Equipment must be returned directly to the library and received by a library staff at the circulation desk on the first floor. The library reserves the right to recall equipment for regular maintenance or for any reason the librarian may deem appropriate.
  • All mercies regarding fines and loan periods need to be approved by university senior leaders.
  • Borrowers will:
    • Ensure that all equipment is complete and working before leaving the circulation desk.
    • Use the equipment at their own risk.
    • Ensure that they have sufficient training and knowledge to properly operate the equipment being borrowed.
    • Notify the library immediately if the equipment is not working properly.
    • Return the equipment by the due time.

3.2. Regulations for the usage of functional rooms (such as group discussion rooms, computer room, etc.)

  • Reservations should be made on the same day or at most 01 week in advance through VinUni booking system (Microsoft Outlook) and will be scheduled on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • Users should immediately notify librarians when detecting any failures or unusual problems.
  • Before leaving, users should ensure the library’s function rooms are neat and tidy, turning off lights and the air conditioner, returning all loaned equipment to the library.
3.2.1. Group Discussion Room:
  • Group discussion rooms are used for academic purposes only.
  • The maximum period of a booking per group is 02 hours per session, 02 sessions per day, all rooms combined.
  • Bookings will be cancelled and released for others to use if you arrive later than 10 minutes or have less than 02 people in the room during a booking.
3.2.2. Computer Room (A204):
  • iMacs computers require a password to log in.
  • Removing documentation, software, or using copying equipment and software on the iMacs is prohibited.
  • Installing or downloading any software onto computers, modifying the system, or destroying codes that may cause damage for iMacs are prohibited.
  • Please do not store personal data on the iMac’s storage, the library is not responsible for any data lost or damage.
  • Please respect the privacy of other patrons; do not try to access any files that belong to another patron.
  • Please back-up your data and protect your information.
  • Please leave the station ready for the next patron. Leave the monitor on the login screen.
3.2.3. 24/7 learning space
  • The 24/7 study area is available for VinUni’s students, faculty, and staff use only.
  • The after-hours entrance to the 24/7 study area is in the corridor on the same side as Building C. During the library’s regular hours, it cannot be used to enter or exit the library.
  • Under no circumstances should patrons swipe in or open the door for anyone, or prop open the door. This is a matter of security and personal safety. If patrons notice anyone giving access to unauthorized individuals or leaving the door ajar, or if patrons have any other concerns, please call the Security hotline, (0247 108 9779 (ext: 9901)) or notify the security officer on duty throughout the night.
3.2.4. Studios (One Button studio, Semi-Professional studio) and VR rooms.
  • These facilities are available to VinUni students, faculty, and staff who own a valid VinUni card.
  • All users must carefully study the user manual before using the recording equipment or other hardware. If you use the room alone and are unsure how to use the hardware/equipment, please inform at least one other person about your plan to use it or ask the library staff.

4. Library regulation violation

4.1. Consequences

4.2. Library Fines

  • Patrons will be charged fines for overdue materials/equipment or material/equipment repair and replacement fees. These fines and fees are regulated in VinUni’s Financial Regulations and Tariff.
  • Fees for repair or replacement based on the conditions of library items as follows:
Conditions Descriptions
Minor damage: Slightly damaged and repairable
  • Book covers: Markings on the inside or outside, or portions ripped off, etc.
  • Book pages: Markings on less than 10 pages, medium creases, tears, stains, or liquid damage, etc.
  • Equipment: To be determined by IT/Operation department.
Major damage or loss
  • Book cover is damaged or missing.
  • Pages are stained, missing, illegible or warped.
  • Book is written upon or marked throughout.
  • Other conditions that render the book unusable, such as a strong odor.
  • An audio-visual item is rendered unable to be read by devices.
  • Equipment is seriously broken and unrepairable.
  • Books/equipment/CD-DVDs are reported lost.
  • If a user finds a previously lost material and returns it to the library after he/she has paid the replacement fee, the fee will not be refunded.
  • Library patrons will receive reminders to return or renew materials. Failure to receive this notice is not an acceptable reason to waive an overdue fine. Waiving overdue fines is only permitted for unforeseen circumstances (e.g., hospitalization or serious illness) which has made it impossible to return or renew library items on time.
  • For appeals, please email the library at Appeals will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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