Integrated Degree Programs Procedure

1. Purpose

This procedure serves as the primary description for full-time undergraduate students who are interested in and meet the prerequisites for participating in the Integrated degree programs. This document details the eligibility requirements, the application process, and the timeline for consideration.

2. Scope

This procedure is applied to all active full-time students at VinUni.

3. Procedural Principles

3.1 Integrated degree programs established between VinUni and its partner universities create a seamless pathway connecting undergraduate to either another undergraduate and a master’s degree. This allows eligible VinUni undergraduate students to incorporate international experience into their study and earning both degrees in a more efficient timeframe.

3.2 Accepted students in this program can achieve either two bachelor’s degrees or a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. The program is divided into two phases, with Phase 1 at VinUni and Phase 2 at a partner university abroad. Upon completion of both phases, students will obtain degrees from both VinUni and the partner university, streamlining their academic achievements.

3.3 The mode typically takes the form of, but is not restricted to:

  • Bachelor’s – Master’s programs: 3+2, 4+1, 3+1+1, 3.5+2, or 3.5+1
  • Bachelor’s – Bachelor’s programs:  2.5 +1.5 or 2 +2

The specific configuration may vary based on the nature of collaboration with partner universities.

3.4 All students who wish to participate in Integrated Degree Programs resulting in double count/credit transfers must fill out an Credit Transfer/Double Count Study Plan Approval Application Form, which includes the transfer credit/double count agreement. Students who choose to participate in such programs must understand and follow the policies and procedures governing credit transfer and double count. Subject to approval of study plan, courses taken at approved hosts may be transferred into your VinUni degree without delay in graduation.

4. Procedure Statements

4.1 Eligible criteria for application

To be eligible for participation in an integrated degree programs, students must:

  • Currently enrolled as an active full-time student at VinUni.
  • Completed a minimum of 2, 2.5, 3, or 3.5 years of full-time study at VinUni before entering the Integrated degree program.
  • Meet all admission or specific requirements of host university, including GPA/CCPA, language proficiency test scores (if any), maximum of credits remaining to fulfill the undergraduate program requirements at VinUni etc. (Please refer to this LINK for the minimum requirements set by each host university and Appendix I).
  • Have no major disciplinary action pending at the time of application submission.
  • Have an account of good financial standing at VinUni.
  • All necessary General Education courses must be finished prior to the start date of the integrated program at the partner university. Any exceptional cases requesting consideration will be subject to approval by the Program Director.

4.2 Tentative Timelines 

Submission Period to VinUni Review application documents Interview round (optional) Release result from VinUni


Submission Period to partner university Release result from partner university
November – December December – January December – February It depends on different timeline of partner university It depends on different timeline of partner university

(*) Time may be subject to changes depending on the actual academic calendar of VinUni and the timelines set by each host institution.

4.3 Application process

VinUni students will follow the following steps in both Parts A and B when applying for the integrated degree programs and the Vingroup Scholarship Program.

Part A – Applying for Integrated Degree Programs:

  • Step 1: VinUni students do research about the intended integrated degree programs they would like to apply and study the requirements of each program at HERE
  • Step 2: VinUni students submit their applications to the Global Exchange Application Portal by the application deadline.
  • Step 3: Applications will be evaluated by the VinUni Review Committee.
  • Step 4: Evaluation results will be announced to students for nomination acceptance. (Please note that students can be nominated to up to 5 programs.)
  • Step 5: Global Exchang Office sends VinUni nominated students’ application dossiers to partner institutions for assessment. 
  • Step 6: Nominated students are required to submit another application with additional information/documents to the partner university on their portal.
  • Step 7: The partner university reviews the nominations/applications, makes the final admission decision following their review timelines.

Part B – Applying for Vingroup Scholarship Program: For those who have been accepted by partner university(ies) for the intended integrated degree program(s) that have the potential to create breakthrough and innovation in the development of science and technology in Vietnam. Eligibility criteria of the Vingroup Scholarship Program can be found HERE. For those who choose to attend the program at their own cost they can skip this part.

  • Step 1: The Vingroup Scholarship Review Committee will review the applications for eligibility screening.
  • Step 2: The Vingroup Scholarship Review Committee will conduct the interview for each of the applicant.
  • Step 3: The Vingroup Scholarship results will be announced to students for scholarship acceptance. (Those who are not awarded the Vingroup scholarships can still pursue the admitted integrated degree programs on other sources of funding.)

(All applicants will be notified of their application results depending on the timelines set by each host institution.)

4.4. Study Plan and Double Count/Credit Transfer

A feasible study plan enables students to progress towards graduation smoothly. To factor in your study in their degree program, it is always a good practice to discuss the study plan with the faculty advisors or the Program Director. Please refer to Form 2.

4.4.1 Course Selection and Mapping

a) Students should take full advantage of the academic opportunities on offer, with the proviso that courses taken should be pitched at the equivalent level to the students’ program at VinUni.

b) Courses selected should respect the principles of progression as far as possible, and should provide students with adequate preparation for the next stage of their studies on return to VinUni.

c) Students selected to participate in integrated degree program will follow an approved study plan agreed with the relevant Program Director and the current procedure.

d) Students can choose from the following categories at the host university for the equivalency:

    • VinUni College core/discipline core/major/concentration/minor courses;
    • Free elective courses (in accordance with the credit requirements of the curriculum)
    • Courses in the Individually designed concentration/minor

e) The double count/ transferred credits will be equivalent to VinUni courses, and the study abroad course must also be equivalent to VinUni courses.

g) Students should finalize their choice of courses and have them approved using the Credit transfer/Double count study plan Pre approval Form by the end of their first four weeks at the host university and submit the final one via email or printed document to the VinUni Registrar’s Office.

4.4.2. Transfer of Academic Credits/Double Count and Grade Conversion

a) The academic grade obtained by students will be counted with the following options.

    • Equivalent required courses should always have their grade transferred (CR/NCR or Letter Grades) in accordance with VinUni grading scheme. Non-required courses (which can be transferred as electives) will be recorded on students’ transcripts at their discretion.
    • Grade conversion of these is needed for computation of GPA, credits and other calculations as needed for administration.

b) The grading scheme conversion will follow a reasonable standard taking into account the grading characteristics and scales of the host institution and the courses taken, and the corresponding scales used by the college. Where available, international conversion tables will be used. Note that if a student is informed of a converted grade in advance of final reporting, it must be made clear that the grade is a provisional recommendation only and may change. It will be important for students to bring back copies of work and any other evidence to support the grade conversion process.

c) Records of transferred courses on academic transcripts include the name of the host university as well as the transferred courses with grades from the host university and VinUni’s equivalent grades.

4.4.3 Steps in preparation for the study plan and double count/credit transfer arrangements

In accordance with VinUni’s policies on double count/credit transfer, students who complete exchange study can apply for transfer credits/double count for courses successfully completed at the host institution.

Steps in preparation for the study plan and double count/credit transfer arrangements are as below:

Step Description
Step 1 Review courses available at the host institution

Check out the course information from the websites of host institution, to ensure that there are suitable courses for you to take. It is quite often that certain courses offered by partner institutions may not be open each term. Students need to apply for Study Plan and credit transfer/double count Pre-approval Form to the Office of University Registrar/Program Director before their departure to study at the host institution.

Step 2 Review VinUni’s policy on credit transfer/double count and course equivalence

There is no automatic credit transfer/double count, and students must submit a credit transfer/double count application upon completion of the studies for evaluation and approval.

Step 3 Apply for course mapping to the College and Office of University Registrar at VinUni

If there is no course equivalence information, students should request for course assessment by submitting the application to Program Director/Academic Advisor & Office of Planning and Academic Administration. There may be credit system differences between VinUni and the host institution, and the credit conversion adopted by VinUni.

Step 4 Discuss the study plan with the faculty advisor and/or the Program Director

This advisory process is important to ensure that students are taking appropriate courses, in the sense that they fulfill the graduation requirements. It would be useful for students to review their major program requirements before seeking advice.

Step 5 Keep the exchange course syllabus and materials

To support the double count/credit transfer application during their integrated degree programs, students must present an official transcript issued by the host institution. VinUni may also require students to submit course materials, outlines, the syllabus for assessment purposes and any other relevant documents, as it deems appropriate.

Step 6 Submit a double count/credit transfer request

Upon returning from the exchange programs, students must submit an online application for credit transfer to the Office of University Registrar for approval.

Step 7 Double count/Credits transferred to VinUni transcript

After the formal approval, the credits earned from the host institution will be reflected on students’ academic transcript. Credits obtained can be transferred, while grades obtained at the host institution may or may not be transferred to VinUni, depending on the agreement on the grade equivalency between VinUni and the partner university and the curriculum’s requirement.

5. Program Tuition and Fees

Each host university/VinUni college sets specific guidelines for the maximum allowable double counted and transferable credits to VinUni (See Appendix 1) based on host university’s agreement and curriculum. Therefore, if a student’s credits surpass the maximum limit for transfer or double counting (applicable to scholarship students), OR students cannot find any equivalent courses at host university, leading them to take classes at VinUni while enrolled at their host university, OR if the program requires paying tuition fees at VinUni or partner universities, students are required to follow these guidelines:

 Tuition calculation principles:

Tuition fees students must pay to VinUni = [Number of credits * Tuition fee for 1 credit] – Tuition fee reduction according to each student’s Scholarship/Financial aid level.

  •  For undergraduate programs at partner universities, students are required to make direct payments to the partner university in accordance with the tuition regulations and policies established by the respective partner institution.

6. Program Completion Requirement

6.1 Students must complete all the requirements of the VinUniversity Bachelor’s Degree Program within 6 – 12 months from the Start Date of the Program depends on the program model.

6.2 In Force Majeure cases or with exceptional cases approved in writing by VinUniversity in advance, the student may extend the time to complete all the requirements of the Bachelor’s Degree Program at VinUniversity. However, in any case, the student must complete the requirements of the Bachelor’s Program at VinUniversity at least 1 semester before the End Date of the Program.

7. Satisfactory Academic Progress

Within forty-five days (45) days from the end of each semester, the students must provide VinUni with the following documents to Office of University Registrar:

  1. A transcript that lists grades for each course/class as well as the overall Grade Point Average (GPA) and GPA for that semester; or
  2. In case the student is doing research and do not have a transcript for a specific semester, a progress/performance report from his/her academic advisor/supervisor commenting on academic performance during that term.

8. Roles and Responsibilities

Units Roles and Responsibilities
Global Exchange Office (GEO)
  • Provide updated information on available universities for Global Exchange Programs. Liaise with the Partner University on nomination.​
  • Provide guidance to students on the preparation needed for their Integrated Degree Programs including advisory on partner universities, application process to host university, cost of living, visa requirements, travel and medical healthcare insurance and matters pertaining to safety.​
  • Announce information about Integrated Degree programs including description of the eligibility requirements for each VinUni’s partner institution.​
  • Be responsible for transmitting information about selected students participating in Integrated Degree Programs to the receiving institution, maintaining contact with them throughout the period.​
  • Make sure that students are appropriately prepared for their program.
  • Work out appropriate mechanisms with partner universities to confirm that exchanges have been completed satisfactorily.​
  • Provide supporting documents to students on the preparation needed for their Program where necessary.​
  • Coordinate pre-departure support for students.​
  • Send the student list to Colleges and Office of Planning and Academic Administration
Office of University Registrar
  • Provide advisory on credit transfer/double count to be undertaken at the host university.​
  • Be the central coordinating office for all double count/credit transfer applications or related-academic issues for students. All inquiries and applications regarding double count/credit transfer should be submitted to the Registrar.​
  • Issue Certificate of Enrollment, Official transcripts, College Report, etc. for students to apply for visa and partner university.
  • Update student status in SIS.
  • Collect and proceed with Study Plan and Credit Transfer Approval Form by the end of their first four weeks at the host institution, Credit Transfer Form and Official Transcript after students complete their program.​
  • Prepare Decision for students to study abroad.​
College/Program Director/Academic Advisor
  • Approve the student’s course list for the program and provide guidance on the course selection.​
  • Provide advisory on study plan and complementary studies selected by students.​
  • Approve the Study Plan and Credit Transfer/Double Count Pre-Approval Form (if applicable)/Learning Agreement.​
  • Map the core course/electives for the Program and resolve any course mapping issues that may arise.
  • Make recommendations for committee members when specialized knowledge or representation is required for a – thorough review.
  • Assume accountability for determining the course equivalence (credits and syllabus) of VinUni and its partner universities.
  • Finalize the nominations and if applicable, members of the committee during their deliberations; adhere to all applicable guidelines and regulations regarding conflicts of interest and application privacy/confidentiality.
  • The committee members include Global Student Exchange Office; College/Faculty representatives and other invited stakeholders (if needed).
Vingroup Scholarship Program
  • Announce scholarship opportunities and eligibility criteria.
  • Arrange interview sessions to finalize the list of scholars.
  • Keep applicants informed about the application timeline and status updates.
  • Award financial assistance to selected scholarship recipients based on their academic performance and other criteria.
  • Maintain contact and support scholars throughout the programs.
  • Build a strong network of scholarship alumni for continued support and collaboration.
  • Provide guidance on academic and career goals including support scholars to find available jobs after graduation.
Student Applicant​
  • Research university of choice, suitable program, courses​.
  • Find out more about the university, cost of living, visa requirements, air fares, accommodation as well as travel and medical healthcare insurance.​
  • Discuss with your Program Director on your study plan.​
  • Follow application guideline of VinUni and the host university.
Accepted students
  • Attend pre-departure session, information sessions, sharing sessions (if any)
  • Fill out Terms and Conditions Form for Integrated Degree Program
  • Comply with the rules and regulations of the home country, host university.
  • Follow regulations and rules, code of conduct, terms and conditions of VinUni and Vingroup Scholarship Program (if any).

9. Related Documents and Forms

10. Appendix

  • List of integrated programs with double counting and credit transfer

For general inquiries:

Global Exchange Office:

SharePoint for Application Information: HERE

For academic-related inquiries:

Office of Planning and Academic Administration: and/or

Student’s Home College @VinUni​​​​​​​

A webpage dedicated Global Exchange.


Program type  Partner university Bachelor degree Master degree Max number of credits transferred to VinUni Max number of credits double counted
3+ 2 University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering C04277 Master of Engineering (Extension)

Major in either:

  • Electrical Energy System or
  • Computer Control Engineering
 30  30 (including capstone design)
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering C04277 Master of Engineering (Extension)

Major in one of the following majors:

  • Manufacturing Engineering and Management or
  • Computer Control Engineering or
  • Operations
30 30 (including capstone design)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science C04295 Master of Information Technology 7 30 30 (including capstone design)
3.5 + 2 Cornell  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Master of Science (MS) degree in (System or Mechanical) Engineering  30 8
 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree in Applied Statistics and Data Science 30 8
3+2 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Bachelor of Science degree programs in Engineering and Computer Science Master of Science (MS)

Master of Engineering (MEng)

30 0
3+2 University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Bachelor of Science degree programs in Engineering Master of Science in Engineering:

  • Computer & Information Science
  • Data Science, MSE
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Integrated Product Design
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
  • Robotics
  • Scientific Computing
  • Systems Engineering
30 12
3.5+2 University of Queensland Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Master of Engineering (Electrical) (32 units) 30 15
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Master of Engineering (Mechanical) (32 units) 30 15
3+2 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Master of Data Science (32 units) 30 30

(*) List to be updated regularly.

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