Handle Fire Incidents

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Verify fire incident information (no more than 5 minutes)

When finding fire incidents, all related people must immediately inform to the central fire alarm station by shouting or calling the technical hotline (+84 247 108 9779/ 9903) and press the nearest fire alarm call point.

Coordinate fire alarm verification: use walkie-talkie to coordinate Technician and Security to verify fire alarms.

Coordination in fire alarm verification: Technicians and Security staffs use walkie- talkie to coordinate to verify fire alarms.

  • Step 1: The technician on duty at the central fire alarm station check and confirm the location of the fire alarm and pause the fire alarm bell. (Duration < 30 seconds).
  • Step 2: The technician staff on duty at the central fire alarm station inform directly to the shift technician and security staff as soon as possible (Duration < 60 seconds)
  • Step 3: Technician & security shift leader assign staff to approach the location to verify fire alarm information (Duration< 30 seconds)

Note: When verifying fire alarm information, technician staff must have support tools such as respirator masks, and multi-function spray nozzles), security staff carry the spare key, and other support persons bring flashlights)

In case of a false fire alarm: Technician and security staff report to a related person. Technician staff resets fire alarm system verifies the cause of the fire alarm, logs, and reports to take corrective action. Security staff makes a record of the incident for reporting and monitoring.

In case of actual fire alarm:

  • Technician and security staff follow the following process:
    • Step 1: push fire alarm call point to activate automatic fire signal & automatic fire protection system.
    • Step 2: inform to technical & security shift leader, the central fire alarm station to capture basic information about fire.
  •  Technician staff re-activates the fire alarm signal and ensures the interlocking systems in accordance with the fire protection scenario.

– Call hotline 114 if needed (the responsibility of the technician staff on duty at the fire alarm monitoring)


Fire & Rescue Plan

Follow the plan approved by the VinUni’s leader and the Fire & Rescue Police

Handling the fire incident

The Head of the Operation Department takes the main responsibility for handling the fire incident and take the following actions:

  • Coordinating with Marketing Department: planning the location to work with the News agency according to the VGR regulations (if needed).
  • Directly working with authorities about the incident occurring on Campus.
  • Collecting information and reporting incidents following the VinUni regulations.
  • Requesting the security team to organize the protection of the scene and provide information to the police agency to investigate the cause of the fire.
  • Requesting the technical team to organize the repair of the technical system and isolate the area where the fire occurs during the investigation and remedial period; return the system of remaining areas to the normal situation.
  • Requesting the insurance team to work with insurance agencies and list the damages of the fire incident.
  • Requesting the housekeeping team to clean up the scene.

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Regulations to handle fire incidents for VinUniversity staffs, faculties, students, visitors, and vendors

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VinAcademy / VinUniversity

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Jun 10, 2022

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VinUniversity staffs, faculties, students, visitors, and vendors

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