Library Management

1. General regulations

  • All library’s full-time staff and service-contract staff are required to follow this regulation while working at the library.
  • During implementation, if any unreasonable problems are detected, professional and paraprofessional library staff must immediately notify their direct supervisors or library director to propose correction and updating.

2. Regulations on collection development and management

2.1 Collection Acquisition

Tasks Rules Note
Material selection for acquisition/renewal (Content scopes, language, formats, and updates) – Library director will decide on material selection for acquisition/renewal based on:

  • Requests by faculty and colleges to ensure the support of academic curriculum and research activities.
  • Special requests by university leaders.
  • Recommendations from library staff.

– No materials that contain images of the cow’s tongue line map or any content that go against the political principles of the Vietnamese Communist Party and Government will be collected.

Request Form (Form 1)
Quantity of acquired materials Based on the available formats and electronic access-related policies, the necessity of materials for courses or research activities, and the approved budget, the library director will decide on the number of materials to be acquired with consideration that:

  • No more than 03 print copies of a textbook will be purchased for courses except for special reasonable requests by Deans/Vice Deans.
  • The library will only buy a limited number of textbook copies for course use. If students would like to buy their own, the library will facilitate and provide the ordering information.
Materials acquisition/renewal All acquisition activities must follow VinUni’s Regulations on the Management of Procurement of Goods and Services

2.2. Donated material acquisition

Tasks Rules Note
Materials/gifts donation acquisition
  • Donors should sign a gift agreement and deliver donated materials/gifts to the library.
  • Library staff will check against duplicates and relevance to ensure the donated material is suitable for library collection.
The Library Gift Agreement (Form 02)
Donated material cataloging and technical processing
  • Donated items suitable for library collection will be cataloged, technically processed if they are in physical formats, and handed over to information service section for shelving and circulation within 20 working days from the receiving dates.
  • Digital bookplates that bear the name of donors linked to print and electronic book titles in the library’s online catalogue will be created for donors with at least 02 suitable donated items.
Each donor’s total number of donated items can be checked in the Alma/Primo system.

2.3. Internal process for collection

Tasks Rules Note
  • Library staff must follow the cataloging manuals for all kind of materials to ensure efficient information identification and retrieval.
Technical processing & shelving for physical materials
  • Library staff need to follow the technical processing manual for all physical items.
  • Technical processing for physical items should be finished within 15 working days from the item delivery time.
  • Physical materials technically processed and cataloged should be handed over to information service section for regulated shelving.
  • Shelving should be performed by information service staff within 24 working hours after receiving.
Electronic material activation and provision
  • Library staff must activate e-resources within 48 working hours upon receiving vendors’ confirmation about the availability for VinUni.
  • All subscribed e-resources should be set up for easy accesses both on and off campus. Accesses to e-resources must be tested in Primo (from Library website) within 01 working day after activation and periodically both on and off campus with different kinds of user accounts, internet services and electronic devices.
All library staff are required to test the accesses to electronic resources.
  • Library staff need to follow library’s inventory procedures for all acquired physical items.
  • Physical item inventory should be implemented once a year in students’ summer holiday.
Print material repair
  • Information service staff should maintain print materials in good condition by repairing light damages or delivering those with severe damages to collection development section for in-house repairs within 01 working day from damage detection time.
  • Collection development staff just perform general possible in-house repairs within 05 working days upon receiving them from circulation staff.
The Book Repair Booklet is in Form 3
Weeding of the physical resources – All physical materials withdrawn from the collection should be stamped as “discarded”.

– Criteria for weeding includes, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Infrequent use (defined as having no circulation in the past 05 years).
    • Significant duplication across media types where it is determined that the content is not adequately rendered in all media duplications,
    • Older materials or older editions of textbooks that contain erroneous or misleading information.
    • Materials in outdated formats, for example VHS, physical condition.
    • Items that are badly mutilated or deteriorated will be replaced, if possible.

– The process of weeding will be consistent with VinUni’s Asset Management Process

As custodians of the collection, circulation/shelving library staff are responsible for material weeding

3. Regulations on library service delivery and management

The library shall establish, promote, and sustain quality services that will facilitate teaching, learning and research for all students, faculty, and staff members of the VinUni, visiting scholars and selected VinGroup community and partners.

3.1 Information services

  • Information service staff must be familiar with the library’s information desk manual, regulations, and the usage of library resources of all formats before staffing the information desks.
  • Information service staff must announce library’s sudden closure if any on library website, library entrances and via official emails to library’s user community; put up a sign with their contact phone number when leaving the information desk for an extended period (e.g., bathroom visit, personal emergency) of over 5 minutes.
  • Users will wait no longer than five minutes at the information desks when the desks are open.
  • Library staff should not arbitrarily disclose users’ information regarding to their personal information, information sought or received, and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired, or transmitted.
  • Library staff are not allowed to arbitrarily alter user’s circulation transaction information in Alma system.
  • 100% of physical items returned will be reshelved within 24 hours.
  • 100% of users’ ready-to-answer inquiries are answered and/or resolved within 04 working hours. Complicated questions that require leadership’s approvals should be acknowledged within 02 working hours; completed answers for them must be delivered to users within 04 working hours from the approval time.
  • Library’s official emails must be used when contacting with patrons.

3.2 Educational services

The Library shall provide the following educational services for targeted users:

Educational services Target users
Library orientation: Guiding patrons to use facilities, services, and resources (including library walking tours) New students
Information skills workshops: Introduce to the research process, the use of subscribed resources, and popular online databases. Students by requests
Course-specific instruction: collaborate with faculty to deliver instructions to specific subjects including research skills to students based around a research topic
Research consultation: one on one research help; literature searches, citation searches, statistical data searches, and copyright. Students and faculty

Library staff are required to:

  • Use accurate and the most updated information in all users’ educational sessions.
  • For workshops, seminars, or orientations, develop a plan for educational contents and activities that are approved by library director in advance.
  • Develop and regularly update “Frequently Asked Questions” page, libguides on the library’s website.
  • Get feedback from users at the end of each educational service session.

3.3 Learning environment services

  • Any changes in the layout of the library facilities, library infrastructure, equipment, and decoration should be approved by VinUni leaders as regulated in the Document of Authorization (DOA).
  • During working hours, library staff should ensure patrons using library space and physical facility comply with library regulations, take minutes for later /penalties on students found to have violated the library regulations pursuant to “Student code of conduct and disciplinary policy and procedures”.

 3.4 User account services

  • Registered user accounts with eligible requests via online Account Registration Form should be created, renewed, or deactivated based on the approval of VinUni leaders ( according to the DOA). The account creation should be finished and announced to approved users within 02 working days since request time.
  • Library staff should cooperate with VinUni Information Technology (IT) department to create VinUni library accounts for eligible registered users.
  • Requested accounts will expire after 01 year and will be automatically renewed for one year on the expire date for eligible users.
  • Library staff will work with IT department to send validation emails to registered users twice a year to make sure their eligible status.
  • After 02 years, all the deactivated accounts will be removed permanently.

4. Regulations on management of library technology systems and facilities

  • Library’s official emails must be used in the management of all library technology systems and applications.
  • Checklists of equipment/facilities evaluation must be recorded every day to make sure all library equipment, self-service facilities will be in proper working order and cleaned before users’ usage.
  • The operation and maintenance activities (cleaning, update, troubleshooting and repairing of machinery and equipment) must comply with producers’ recommendations and user manuals. Disassembling, moving or bring equipment out of the library arbitrarily without permission from library director are not allowed.
  • Library staff must report to VinUni Operation Department and library director immediately if any equipment has been found stolen.
  • Library key management:
    • Library staff in charge of library entrance keys should open/close the library 05 minutes before the regulated open time and close 05 minutes after the regulated close time in their working shift/day. Opening/closing the library at any other time must be approved by library director.
    • Staff working in library office must be responsible for their office keys. Information service staff must be responsible for other functional rooms’ keys. Keys must be returned to the library on the last working day of staff at the library without delay.
    • All the back-up keys must be kept at the circulation desk.

5. Forms

Please refer to the Library Regulations for Users HERE

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